A guy who creates stuff with code

About Me

My name is Miikka Ylätalo, I'm 22 years old and I live in Riihimäki, Finland. I'm mostly known as Mehis on the web, hence the name of the site. You can find me modding games and maintaining game servers on my free time. When I'm not working on my projects, you might catch me messing around with older games. Hit me up, if you play Quake 2 or Age of Empires 2 😋. I believe life would be boring without some music. Fortunately, I have electronic music that fills the gap. Mostly drum & bass and ambient genres.


Häme University of Applied Sciences
Information And Communications Technology, Engineer
Tavastia Vocational College (upper secondary)
Information And Communications Technology
High school diploma

Skills, ie. buzzword bonanza

How familiar I am with each subject. More is better.



Batch Script
Git (CLI)


Projects / Stuff I've done

Zombie Master: Reborn - Game

A game modification based on the Source game engine combining FPS and RTS genres.

C++, Linux, Game Design

Project lead. Creating new code, maintaining Source's large codebase and debugging crashes on Linux & Windows.

Video Interview Web App

Real-time video interviewing site made for HAMK to be used in foreign student selection process.

NodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, MySQL

Streaming video through WebSocket with ExpressJS for the web server. Fully written in TypeScript. Building is done with gulpJS.

Influx Timer - Statistics tracker

A modular game server plugin for tracking statistics w/ web app

PHP, Python, SQL, Ajax, SourcePawn

Working with MySQL/SQLite for record keeping, PHP & Ajax for viewing records through the web. Website is built with Bootstrap and builds are automatically deployed to it.

EzAuto - Cheat program

Memory reading hack for GoldSrc & Source engine games. C++ exercise

C++, Reverse Engineering

Reads game memory and reacts accordingly, sending inputs to OS.

This Site!

A static website used for displaying all this. 😄

NodeJS, Eleventy

A static Bootstrap site built with Eleventy. Print compatible. Hosted on Github Pages.

SSDB - Discord bot

A bot that acts as a Source server browser for Discord servers.

Python, Async, Linux

Queries Valve master servers & game servers, and updates the server list whenever needed.

SFUWS - File uploader

.NET class library for easy file uploading through HTTP. C# exercise


HTTP POST-request parsing.